Friday, November 22, 2013

Anticipating Advent!

One of the challenges of being a first-time catechist is finding and creating activities to keep students engaged during class and attentive to the faith outside of class.  We only share a short hour together once a week and our curriculum is history-based with snippets of opportunity to pray together.  One of my hopes, though, is to encourage my students to draw closer to the Lord during the year, and to realize how deeply He loves them and is present to them.

The curriculum calls for approximately 10 minutes of talk about Advent, so to supplement it, I'll challenge the students to think more about God and others than about presents through our Advent Jar.

You will need: craft sticks, jar, ribbon, glue, pen.

On Pinterest, I found this easy tutorial for an Advent Jar.  Once completed, it's simple enough to follow - just pick a craft stick and follow the prompt!  Every Monday night during Advent, my students will pick a new service or prayer based prompt to complete during the week.  On the following Monday, we'll chat about what they experienced!

So far the prompts include: 
Pray about your worries.
Donate old clothes.
Take a few minutes to sit in silence.
Ask God, “How can I better love You?”
Pray for God's peace in your heart.
Give time or food to a food pantry.
Pray in front of a nativity.
Sing at Mass.
Smile at your family.
Keep a prayer journal.
Pray the Hail Mary.
Smile at someone who annoys you.
Help set up Christmas decorations.
Tell God how you feel.
Say hello to someone you don't know at school.
Ask God to guide you each morning.
Call a relative to chat.
Pray the Our Father each morning.
Write a note to God.
Pray to know how much God loves you.
Offer to clean up after dinner without being asked.
Let someone else pick the tv show.
Do something to make yourself last.
Encourage someone who is struggling.
Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you.
Hug your mom or dad.
Pray before bed.
Read a chapter from the Bible.
Close your eyes and repeat the name of Jesus.
Be still and know God loves you.
Tell a friend about Advent.

Wishing you a blessed Advent!  I just love this holy season of anticipation!

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  1. beautiful picture ! There is no end to what we can discover together if we look together towards incrementally increasing understanding and peace of mind.