Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Stuff My RE Students Say

While reviewing this painting:

St. John the Baptizer by Bartolome Estaban Murillo

Boy 1: I have a question - why is Jesus touching his nipples?
*Class erupts with noise*
Boy 2: You're saying "nipples" in Religious Ed?!?!
*Lots of chatter*
Me:  We're allowed to use anatomically correct words.  Back to the question - is Jesus really touching his nipples in this image?
Girl:  No!  He's just holding his arms.
Boy 1: Well, why is he standing like that?
Boy 2:  He's about to get water poured over his head!
Boy 1:  Oh, so he's cold?  Maybe...that just looks weird.

And later:
Boy 1: Did doves always follow Jesus around and fly around his head?
Me:  I really don't know; you'll have to ask him about that in Heaven.


  1. hahahahahaha gotta love those precious years before they "grow" a filter! Hilarious!

    1. So hilarious! I spent a lot of time trying not to laugh.