Friday, January 10, 2014

#7QTs: Down the Blogging Rabbit Hole

1.  Hi there!  How is 2014 going for you so far?  I have to tell you, I am so relieved - now that the holiday season is over, I'm much more relaxed!  Christmas and New Year's Eve were fun but quick, quick, quick!  This was the first year that Bryan and I went without a few days break; we had to work half of Christmas Eve, then rush down to Long Island, enjoy most of Christmas day, and then rush back to CT late Christmas night, so we could work December 26th.  If you had some days off or got to experience extra hours with loved ones, I hope you savored it!

2.  The day after my wedding, I stopped taking my acne medication because of a bad reaction to it.  Since then, my acne has returned with a vengeance!  A visit to a new dermatologist last month went poorly.  Apparently since I hope to get pregnant in the next year, there is "nothing that can be done" to help my skin.  No changes in diet, no topical treatments, no different routines - everything is "inconclusive."  Well, I asked my parents to gift me with this Oily/Combination Regimen from Desert Essence and so far, I think it's making a small improvement!  Do you have any advice for someone dealing with hormonal acne and is looking for a natural remedy?

3.  What are you reading?  Ever since I went to a Theology on Tap that dealt with theological differences between Islam and Christianity, I've been interested in delving a bit more into the religion.  My Isl@m  by Amir Ahmad Nasr is a striking memoir of a young man who grows up as a third-culture kid, someone who can't fit into his native Sudan, new homeland Qatar, or later Malaysia, and who falls through the blogging rabbit hole and confronts his upbringing. 

The craziest part of this memoir?  Amir is only one year older than me!  His memoir shows how some changes have taken place since Ayaan Hirsi Ali's childhood (of Infidel-fame) and how the internet is helping promote positive change.  Since we're bloggers, I thought this was very cool!  

4.  In Polar Vortex fashion, we feasted on homemade broccoli cheddar & Yukon gold potato soup (could it have a longer name??) and chili this week.  Yum!

5.  During Advent, I treasured The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp.  Her Advent guided-meditation book helped me focus on the Lord, why His coming is such a gift, and  my desire to grow closer to Him.  I've now picked up One Thousand Gifts from the library!  In it, she challenges herself and the reader to live fully right where you are.  So everyday, I'm looking out for the little and big gifts God sends my way!

6.  This week God gifted me with...a mouse.  Yep.  One of these days I'll expound on that!

7.  We received the proof of our wedding album and are totally thrilled with it!  The finished product is going to be amazing!

Have a great weekend!


  1. In regards to the acne, since for some reason my flared up badly from 22-25, I think the more I worried about it the worse it was. I was so self conscious all the time. Two things that did help were tea tree oil (safe for pregnancy) and the bare minerals makeup. The harsh benzyl peroxide did nothing for me except make my face bright red. I know it is so difficult to live with acne though when you want to look your best and it just makes you feel like crap.
    Love 1000 Gifts. It's definitely helped me to stop so often and count and appreciate. Especially helps on the days that the littles are driving me crazy.
    Also the wedding album looks like its going to be amazing!!!

    1. Kiera, thanks to your Twitter advice last month, I've started using tea tree oil and am hoping to see some improvement! The wash I listed above also has tea tree oil in it.

  2. Have you had hormonal cycle based testing done? Where is the acne? I had the class chin/jaw line acne and ever since I started supplementing progesterone, it has been completely gone!

    That soup sounds sooooooo good!

    1. Stacy, how do you have hormonal cycle testing done? Every doctor I ever bring it up to seems to think I'm suggesting something crazy. The acne is on the chin/jaw line, yes!

  3. Gah, if you find out some magic miracle hormonal acne magic, pass it on to me! I have the hormonal acne on the chin/jawline and it bites. It's gotten a bit better the past couple of months because I stopped caring a bit, but we shall see if that's a forever thing :)

  4. K received a copy of Woman Code by Alisa Vitti for Christmas. That seems to have a lot of advice about dealing with hormonal issues, including hormonal acne.

    1. Interesting! I've looked through "Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition" but haven't made any changes from that.

  5. This page has some natural remedies for acne.

    I think balancing your hormones should help balance acne which is due to hormones. You could try taking Vitex (chasteberry) as it helps balance estrogen and progesterone, The Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition book is really good too.

  6. For acne, everyone who tries this says it's the only thing that ever worked... NuSkin... Use a system of the 180 face wash, alternating with the exfoliant scrub (extra gentle) and add the Epoch glacial marine mud mask about three times a week.
    I use it myself (except for the mask- since I don't have an acne problem) and since using it, I no longer get even my period warning pimple.
    My niece has hormonal cystic acne, and she was amazed it was the only thing that ever worked. Same for my BFF's husband! And if men are willing to use a mud mask, you know it must work!
    It's all topical, mostly natural... The three items together are probably $50-$60 but it works, and if it works it's worth it. You can shop for it online at