Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This Wasn't Mentioned During Pre-Cana

I've heard of married couples who can't sleep well without each other.  Well, we're at a different stage: 

10:19 pm (it's always 10:19 pm for some reason):*lights out*
Trista and Bryan: *kiss goodnight*

10:20 pm
Trista: *sleep mask engage*
Bryan: *closes eyes*

10:25 pm
Trista: *awake*
Bryan: *almost asleep* 
T: *rolls over; tries to get the cover to fold around her the way she likes*

10:27 pm
B: *leg twitches*
T:  *whispers, "Are you asleep?"
B: *asleep*

10:30 pm
T: *feels like bed is tilting her towards B; is annoyed*

10:31 pm
T: *is annoyed at being annoyed while trying to fall asleep*

10:32 pm
T: *fumbles for glass of water; takes a sip; rolls the other way*
B: *rolls around; still asleep*

10:40 pm
B: *breathes deeply*
T: *wishes for total silence; turns to other side; wonders if she should use the bathroom*

10:45 pm
B: *still breathing deeply*
T: *internally losing it; pokes B; asks, "Can you breathe on the other side of the bed?"
B: *turns over, annoyed*

10:46 pm
B: *asleep*
T: *awake*

10:50 pm
T:  *finds rosary under pillow; starts praying; tries to ignore bed tilts and breathing and whatnot*

Sometime after 11 pm
Trista and Bryan: *asleep*

Maybe it's time to bring back two twin beds!


  1. We had to switch sides on the bed at one point. Still ain't great, and half the time he ends up in the guest room in the middle of the night because he has trouble sleeping. A room with 2 full-size beds would be awesome.

  2. So true! I always tell people I need to marry a night owl or I'm doomed...I haven't gone to bed before midnight in years....unless I am sick....I do know people that have separate beds/rooms and some even have separate bathrooms but I think some of that is kind of extreme and not always possible.

    My mom tells stories of how she used to wear ear plugs when they were first married because my Dad's snoring was so bad. It def. is an adjustment :)

    P.S. I like your new background/design :)

  3. We play the Gregorian chants at night to drown out the 'deep breathing' (snoring). We have the CD player in our child's room and pipe it into our room with the baby monitor. It really is soothing and after years we are all hooked on the chanting of the monks! Cindy

  4. Oh my gosh, laughing so. so. hard. I wish I could tell you that 10 years in it was better...

  5. It changes for some people. My husband and I were like that when we first married, but then something happened, and I find it hard to sleep without hearing him breathing.

  6. I just spent two nights alone while my husband of five months was away on business. I was amazed that I couldn't sleep without him! I heard every noise and creak and freaked myself out. I realized his loud breathing and snoring drowns out all the other noises and helps me sleep! I figured I can handle being woken up a couple of times during the night due to a loud snore more than I can handle being woken up every couple of minutes due to random noises.

    Of course, it frustrates me to no end that he falls asleep within minutes of going to bed whereas it takes me a good 30-45 minutes. He makes up for it by getting up first and making me breakfast, so I suppose I should get over it... :)

    1. We've spent a few nights apart since we got married and the sleep has been total bliss! (I almost feel bad for writing that!)

  7. Hahahaha, this is hilarious! Totally us while I'm pregnant. Luckily non-pregnant there are no issues. Maybe yours will be opposite ;).

  8. A new extra-firm mattress worked wonders for us -- no tilting towards the middle of the bed!

    1. Things to think about! But my husband likes how soft our bed is.

  9. Oh my gosh!! That is totally us too...except add snoring for my husband, lol :)

    1. My husband doesn't really snore - it's a deep, deep yoga breath, haha! Happy sleeping!

  10. Hilarious!! Will falls to sleep so fast... ::poke-poke:: I'm the same way!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Julie! Wishing you restful slumber!

  11. oh my gosh... too funny!! sounds a lot like us! :)